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The High Priestess is the epitome of feminine wisdom. She symbolizes intuition, looking within for answers and the still small voice within.

Symbolism of the High Priestess Tarot Card (Rider Waite Tarot)

The High Priestess sits calmly guarding the entrance to the Temple. Within the Temple lie eternal secrets, great wisdom and potent knowledge. Only the Initiated can enter here. The High Priestess guards the Temple from those who are not yet ready to enter therein.

The blue robe she wears symbolizes calm, poise, spirituality, truth and inspiration.

The pillars that flank her are the twin pillars of Boaz and Joachim from Solomon’s Temple and have different meanings according to different traditions:

1) Boaz denotes strength while Joachim represents beauty

2) The pillars represent the positive and negative poles of existence.

3) They are the twin pillars of Severity and Mercy

Sitting between the twin pillars the High Priestess reminds us of the absolute necessity for the unification and balancing of seemingly opposing forces.

On her lap The High Priestess holds a scroll symbolizing the study of Occult Law.

The Cross on her chest also symbolizes the unification and balancing of opposing forces

The Crescent Moon at her feet and Full Moon on her head symbolize that in order to become illuminated/enlightened/fully aware human beings and thus able to enter the Inner Temple, the emotions must be controlled, balanced and harmonized.

Behind The High Priestess is a veil upon which are depicted seven fruits (Pomegranates). These symbolize the seven Chakras, or Energy Centres, which are balanced, opened and fully functioning in an awakened Human Being. Only such an awakened being. is permitted to enter into the Inner Temple, the uninitiated or unawakened cannot enter there.

Meaning of The Card

The High Priestess is a Guardian and also a Guide to the Inner World. On the one hand, she will not allow us to enter the Sacred Temple, until we are ready to do so. On the other hand, she is waiting patiently for us to become whole, balanced and complete. So that we will be fit to listen to and act upon her wisdom and guidance. She is actively waiting for us to listen to her and consult her. 4444 meaning

She cannot be found within the clamour of the outside world. She can only be accessed through looking within, through quiet and contemplation. Only then can she show us her true nature and allow her gifts to be opened up to us.

The High Priestess is a great ally in life. She is waiting for us to turn to her, she is waiting for us to balance and refine ourselves, so that we can enter into our own Inner Temple, the Temple of Wisdom, Knowledge and Spiritual Truth.

Card Meaning in Different Positions in a Spread

Present Situation Card

You are having to look within for answers and to contemplate a situation before acting. This is a period where you are of necessity, being introspective, quiet and still.

Action/Advice Card

Take the time to be still and quiet, don’t act until you have really looked within for answers. You know inside yourself what the best course of action truly is. Find the answer within yourself, don’t ask others what to do, for in truth, you know yourself.

Card Representing a Person

A contemplative person, a wise person, someone worth listening to – even if they seem a bit off the wall, eccentric or odd on the outside.


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